Easter Sunday

News 3/14/2023: Episcopal Consecration Announcement

The Bishop’s Note
The Fathers and I wish each and everyone of you a very blessed Easter. Rejoice! He is risen! Truly, this is a day of rejoicing since Our Savior has triumphed over sin and death and gives us hope in our own blessed resurrection. The world will have us to be sad, depressed, anxious and without hope. The world wants us to take it seriously, very seriously, and if you dare speak up against the forces of anti-Christ you would be censured or worse. However, we Catholics believe by divine Faith that there is another and more beautiful life after this one, and we hope by the merits of Christ and His fidelity to His promises, to obtain it. Once a man sets his heart on heaven it is hard for him to take this earthly life seriously. The reason for so much sadness is that men of the world do not seek a better life. This life is the only one that matters to him and he must take it seriously. The Easter Resurrection of Our Lord removes this sadness since it puts before us the reality of eternal life in heaven, where all is peaceful and there is no strife.

I want to thank all who helped in any way to make Holy Week so edifying. It would take too much time to name you all, but I hope you will accept my gratitude in any case. In particular, I want to thank our MCs, who ran these difficult and long ceremonies in such a graceful manner. Thanks to all who helped in the sacristy—the work is very involved, but also most pleasing to Our Lord. Of course, our choir was, as always, heavenly sounding. Take some time this week to ponder the mysteries of the Easter season. We will have time for work and other things, but now is the time to reflect. It is a time of great grace.

May you have a blessed Easter!
– Bishop McGuire