Easter IV

The Bishop’s Note
It seems we have more and more to be thankful for the more time goes along. Sure, life always comes with its labors and trials and we will have many more to come, but as Fr. Brueggemann said in a recent sermon, we must see the Fatherly hand of God behind each one. Right now, Our Lord has been showering His immense graces on us who are so unworthy to receive them. The most recent being the episcopal consecration of Bishop Bede Nkamuke.

The Consecration ceremony was pulled off without a hitch thanks to Paddy Omlor, our Master of Ceremonies. Despite his starting a new job he has shown that he has not lost his touch at running these big ceremonies. He had it perfectly memorized down to the small details. Of course, our other MCs, Christopher Richesson, Michael Simpson, and Nathan McClorey, did a lion’s share of making sure everything went smoothly. A ceremony of this kind cannot be run by just one person. There are just so many moving parts that need to be coordinated and work together. I thought the choir did a fantastic job as well.

The reception afterwards is worth a mention, too! Mr. and Mrs. Caggeso prepared some very tasty food. It took many hours to cook it all. Many visiting clergy came for the Consecration and stayed for the reception. It was so nice to see them again. Bishop da Silva again came to our assistance by agreeing to be the co-Consecrator, and he did so with no small sacrifice on his part. He came up from Mexico and has returned to Mexico where he is working with many, many priests at present. There is great potential in that country, but why be surprised! After all, Our Lady herself chose it when she appeared at Guadalupe so many years ago.

The priests and faithful in Nigeria watched online as their Fr. Nkamuke became their Bishop Nkamuke. The whole Catholic Church should rejoice for Nigeria as they receive a true bishop who will confirm, ordain, and so much more.

We have a relatively slow week at church this week aside from the Fatima Rosary Procession on Saturday and the May Crowning on Sunday. Take some time to come to a quiet Mass or May Devotions to recharge the spiritual batteries.

– Bishop McGuire