Trinity Sunday

The Bishop’s Note
Some kind souls planted flowers in Bishop’s Garden. It does look very beautiful (as does the cloister). Some little critters are digging up the flowers but not eating them; instead they are after the fertilizer under the flowers. So it’s not the deer or the rabbits—it must be the skunk we have now nicknamed “Flower!”

We’re seeing a lot of the deer lately—a young buck and a doe, who sleep by the thicket near the rectory. Fat Cat chased them off one day! Sometimes he thinks he’s a lion, I think. On another day Fr. Simpson saw the deer in the cloister—I hope they didn’t munch on the flowers too much. But if they did, I can’t blame them. I would choose our flowers, too.

June, the month of the Sacred Heart, opens with some really great feast days. Today is Trinity Sunday, of course. The entire liturgy—both the Mass and the Divine Office—is filled with some of the most beautiful praises of the Blessed Trinity. Two young men, Christopher Richesson and Nathan McClorey, graduate from our school today. The priests and faculty are very proud of them not only for their academic achievements, but because they have developed into fine Catholic men who appreciate the liturgical ceremonies, serving them so well over the years, and live their Faith in everyday life. Congratulations, Christopher and Nathan.

On Monday we have the transferred feast of the Queenship of Mary. On Thursday we open the octave of Corpus Christi. The Divine Office is chanted throughout the day, and Masses before the Blessed Sacrament Exposed are available each day of the octave—see the Calendar. The procession and all day adoration on Sunday, with outdoor benediction and First Communions.

Fr. Lehtoranta will take care of administering First Holy Communions this year, as I will be going to Seattle to administer Confirmations for Fr. Ercoli’s parishioners.

Fr. Thielen is still in the hospital awaiting test results. Fr. Simpson anointed him and I brought him Holy Communion a few days later. He seems a bit weak, but still in good spirits. Continue praying for this good priest. He was truly a father figure in my seminary days, and has remained a good friend ever since. He must be eager to get back to his apostolate with the sick, but sometimes a priest saves more souls on his sickbed than he does in the active apostolate – for he truly lives the priestly calling to be not only priest but victim for the sake of souls. Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy and Health of the Sick, pray for him!

I leave you with my priestly blessing in the name of the Blessed Trinity Whom, I pray, will be your support throughout life, and your eternal joy in Paradise.

– Bishop McGuire