Pentecost IV

The Bishop’s Note
At this writing, it is Friday afternoon, past the time this letter is usually already finished. Theresa is a good sport about things like this though, and for that I am thankful. Well, Fr. McKenna is away having a good time somewhere is Europe right now and is not expected to be back until July 3 rd—just in time for a nice 4 th of July BBQ at home. Fr. Lehtoranta is scheduled for a trip to Finland soon. He mentioned the other night that he hasn’t been to his native Finland to see his parents for five years. I know he must be looking forward to some time off.

Things around here, even with school being out of session, have not slacked off a bit. Fr. Simpson had just gotten back from the Dallas mission the night before when a parishioner called saying her mother had become quite ill. Father generously accepted to go out to give her the Last Rites. The sick call apostolate is one of the greatest acts of mercy that a priest can do, one which I have always found very rewarding and enjoyable. Sometimes I do miss the days when I could get out long enough to do the sick calls, but I am glad that the younger clergy now have the opportunity to profit from such acts of mercy as well as to help those who need consolation.

Fr. Thielen was told by nurses at the Physical Rehab Facility that he is making some progress, but he is still quite weak and gets easily fatigued. He has borne patiently this illness, much to our edification. Keep his recovery in your prayers.

Thursday, the church was buzzing with lots of activity in preparation for Friday’s wedding. Several people came in to help with flowers, then there was the wedding rehearsal later in the afternoon, and lots of last minute things being done. Little Anthony was trying to be of assistance to Theresa in the office, while pet dog “Finny” entertained the Lotarski girls out in the social hall as they worked. Little Anthony and “Finny” are welcome anytime! Our seminarian and some of his brothers along with Judy helped to clean up the front room of the rectory. I don’t know the last time that got cleaned, but it was pretty messy. Now, however, it looks great—almost like a person could live in it!

Friday’s wedding went very well and all the people seemed to be very happy. Dominic and Florence (Lotarski) Swinney will make a very good Catholic couple. My prayer for them is that they raise their future children for heaven and thus help each other to the Beatific Vision.

The Companions of Jesus and Mary, with whom we work, celebrated the 30 year anniversary of their group. Say a prayer of thanksgiving, if you will. They are a good bunch of priests, very zealous, full of charity, and are bent on doing only the Will of God. I have enjoyed getting to know them over the last year or so. Fr. Contreras, their superior, plans to visit us here at the beginning of the month if all goes well.

Oh! I almost forgot! This week will be a great one with the St. John’s Bonfire on Monday and the Girl’s Camp beginning Tuesday. The theme of the camp is St. Therese. I hope to see you on those days!

May the Sacred Heart reign in your hearts and in your homes.
– Bishop McGuire