Pentecost V

The Bishop’s Note
One of the men walked over to talk with me as we watched the music show put on by some of our parishioners at the St. John Bonfire last Monday night. It was a very pleasant conversation as I recall. As he left he said, “It must be nice to have charge of a parish like this one.” That’s been on my mind ever since. We are one big family here at St. Gertrude’s and it really was apparent this past week what with the Bonfire and then the Girls’ Camp. What good times they were!

We were praying for no rain for Monday’s bonfire and the next three days of camp. Well, it rained hard for a few minutes just before the fire was lit, but it was one of those pleasant rains that even the children enjoyed playing in. Then it didn’t rain again until just after the girls had gone home from camp. Just as Our Lady noticed when the wine had run out at the marriage feast, so Jesus and Mary notice our smallest needs even today. Deo gratias et Mariae!

I think this year’s camp was the best one to date. The girls really enjoyed the scavenger hunts, the neat little crafts (including the St. Therese Chaplets), the trip to the park, and of course the campfire with s’mores! Fr. Lehtoranta did all three sermons and the two spiritual conferences, and the Sisters led the girls in their daily “Rosary Procession.” An occasional skunk sighting was mentioned, but no spraying was reported. The songs sung at the end of camp were beautifully done; the skit about the girl who couldn’t stop lying was fantastic. Even Fr. Brueggemann played a part in the play. He was the priest who cured the girl of lying—and he did so with the most expert advice, even giving some of his own impromptu advice. Though everyone had a fun time, I wouldn’t be surprised if we adults actually had more fun just by seeing the kids. A big thanks to the Sisters and the camp committee for putting it all together.

The beginning of this week is more of a “quiet” one, but don’t forget to come to Mass and the St. Anthony devotions on the Fourth to pray and make reparation for our country. Later, though, the YAGsters come into town for First Friday weekend.

I send you a blessing today, and continued prayers for you and your intentions.
– Bishop McGuire