Pentecost VII

The Bishop’s Note
It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through July. The locusts were singing their song to their Creator the last few evenings, a sound I have always found to be pleasant during the summer months—and which brings with it a sense of mystery and calm. Being raised in the country I’ve never liked the city noises and find the sounds of God’s creation much more peaceful.

Fr. Contreras and Fr. Richards departed on Thursday morning. It was a busy time, but we discussed many things. A lot of good came from their visit. Fr. McKenna and I will be going to Argentina in September to perform an ordination. I look forward to seeing the monastery and how things are run down there. One of their priests, Fr. Adan Rodriguez, recently had surgery. The recovery is taking a little longer than he thought, but he is getting better. Do keep him in your prayers.

This week Fr. McKenna is taking care of things all by himself while everyone else is away. I am in Milwaukee today administering Confirmations to our fervent flock at St. Hugh’s. From there I’ll be going to Seattle to preach a retreat for priests. Fathers Simpson and Brueggemann will be attending. Fr. Lehtoranta gets back from Finland later this week. He seems to be enjoying his time away and even sent a couple of beautiful pictures from some of his stops.

Don’t forget to look at the calendar of feast days and arrange your schedule so you can attend an extra Mass. With a little advanced planning it’s not too hard to make the extra Mass from time to time. We have lots of great saints to be honored this week. The Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne are on Monday. If you’ve never read their story you MUST. The saints of charity, Camillus of Lellis, Vincent de Paul, and Jerome Emiliani, have their feasts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday respectively. St. Praxedes on Friday, and our beloved St. Mary Magdalen on Saturday. Pick a day to come and honor a saint by attending Holy Mass, and according to St. Gertrude, a saint will be sent to attend your deathbed one day.

– Bishop McGuire

P.S. The Bishop’s monument has finally been laid over his grave. Merciful Lord Jesus, grant him eternal rest!