Solemnity of the Most Holy Name of Mary

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The Bishop’s Note
The cats. Fluffy is good company, but gets a little bit cranky sometimes and starts scratching and biting. Fr. Lehtoranta has a different experience with her as he always says how sweet she is and talks about how she doesn’t bite. Fat Cat, on the other hand, is such a loyal cat. He follows me everywhere, from room to room; he even follows me outside when I go to sit on the porch. Fat Cat and Black Cat take a long time to warm up to people, but once they do they are very nice little creatures. They really liked Fr. Thielen and would often visit him in the front room of the rectory. In fact, they have been looking for Father since he left.

Fr. Thielen departed for home on Wednesday after a two or three month stay with us. When he first arrived he could hardly walk and had very little energy after several trips to the hospital. It was truly amazing to watch his recovery which is due, I believe, to all the prayers which souls all over the world had been offering up for him. He plans to ease back into his apostolate, which includes a good amount of traveling. Continue your prayers for this zealous priest.

Fr. Simpson reports that there are new parishioners at a couple of the Texas missions, some of whom only speak Spanish. Bishop Dolan always wanted us to learn Spanish and now we see why. Fr. McKenna is still in the northern missions but should be back later today. He always likes to get back as late as he can for some reason. I half seriously tease him about it all the time.

School has started back up. Fr. Lehtoranta has a very full teaching schedule this year. I hope it isn’t going to be too much along with all of his other duties. He teaches both High School and Middle School. We have a total of 28 students, I believe, as well as a very young teaching staff and new principal. Miss Mikesell has taken on the role of choir director for school Masses and is doing a nice job. Sr. Eulalia and Theresa, our secretary, have been helping her and the children with the singing. Meanwhile, Mrs. Swinney and Sr. Ulrica have their hands full keeping the smaller kids from chewing on the pews. No, seriously! Don’t you remember being that small and having the pew at the height of your mouth. At that age, who could resist the temptation?! Admit it, you probably did it, too. Well, it is all part of the training of children.

Since school started, we have been quite busy with the liturgy. Already we have had the Votive Mass to the Holy Ghost, a Requiem Mass, a Solemn High Mass, and will have a busy week ahead. Monday is the third anniversary of Fr. Cekada’s death. Tuesday is the feast of the Holy Name of Mary and the Sisters will be making their Oblation, offering themselves to Our blessed Lord to serve His Church and to lead a more perfect life. Remember them in your prayers and do plan to come to this ceremony! Wednesday evening is the 13th of the month, which means there is a Fatima Procession. Thursday is the feast of the Holy Cross, with the veneration of its relic after all the Masses. Finally, on Friday we honor Our Lady of Sorrows with a High Mass in the evening.

Bishop Nkamuke will be ordaining two of his seminarians to the subdiaconate later this month and I will be ordaining a priest in Argentina. Many things are happening in Bishop Nkamuke’s section of Our Lord’s vineyard. Poncho Capetillo, our seminarian, leaves this week for the start of his second year of seminary studies. All this news reminds me that I still need to get out the national newsletter so that I can update you on this and all the missions in a more detailed manner.

I place you all under the mantle of Our Lady. May she always be your guide, your counselor, and your sure refuge.

– Bishop McGuire