Rosary Sunday

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Bishop’s Note
I am truly grateful to Fr. Lehtoranta for taking care of things while I was away. He wrote a very good note for last week’s bulletin. He always has been rather good at writing about all the news, a thing which I never have been good at. Bishop Dolan used to get after me all the time for forgetting to give him reports about the missions. Frs. Simpson and Brueggemann also did quite a lot this past week, relieving Fr. Lehtoranta of some of the High Masses and preaching.

Thank you for the many prayers which you offered for Fr. McKenna’s and my apostolic trip down to Argentina. It took 3 days of travel just to get down there, and another 3 to get back; but it went without any problems. The monastery which we visited and which is run by Fr. Alfredo Contreras and the Company of Jesus and Mary, is located in a very remote little town far down in the Andes Mountains. It really is the perfect setting for monastery life. In this place we celebrated the 21st priestly anniversary of Fr. Contreras and the ordination of Fr. Nicolas Benegas. Fr. Benegas is from Mendoza (aka, Republica de Mendoza, as Father made clear!). He started out his seminary life at Mater Boni Consilii Seminary in Verrua, Italy, but because of Covid restrictions and Visa problems was not able to return to finish. So he finished his studies in Argentina. Bishop Morello was supposed to have ordained him, but died around the same time as Bishop Dolan. So, just as Frs. Simpson, Brueggemann, Ojeka and Okerulu were left without a bishop to ordain them, so was Fr. Benegas. This was when Fr. Ercoli put us in touch with the Company of Jesus and Mary. So it is that God provided for Fr. Benegas’ ordination. He will be a good priest.

I’ll put some pictures up on the bulletin board for you to see. Pictures speak louder than words—so I’m signing off and you can check the bulletin board if the pictures are up in time.

God bless you!

– Bishop McGuire