Pentecost XIX

Recent Articles By Fr. Lehtoranta, including a new article on Conditional Baptism

Bishop’s Note
The month of October has opened with a bang, Rosary Sunday having fallen on the first day. The Rosary procession after the High Mass had to be done on the fly since so many more people attend these special events nowadays. Routes had to be adjusted, but the timing worked out pretty well. Fifteen souls were enrolled in the Rosary Confraternity after the Procession, and Lauren Caggeso was elected as the Confraternity’s new president. Dr. Dan Stanislowski, our new school principal, gave an edifying talk about his background, conversion, and goals for the future of our school.

Miss Mikesell has a very unique way of teaching her students—and keeping it entertaining. I told you last year about the two turtles she keeps in her classroom. This year, she and her students have collected four praying mantises and a spider. There might have been something else too. The class doesn’t just leave the critters in a jar to die; each day they take a few minutes to go outside to hunt for food for them. Flies, crickets, whatever the preference of the “science projects” might be.

This week, on Thursday evening, our “St. Monica’s Club” will gather for Mass, a potluck, a talk, and devotions. This group was only started a couple months ago and is intended for mothers with fallen away children. St. Monica was chosen as its patroness for the obvious reason that her son, the future St. Augustine, had been a fallen away for many years. He was eventually converted by the prayers, sacrifices, and tears of his good mother. St. Monica’s Club members pray for a list of such fallen away sons and daughters, as well as share ideas and encourage one another in their goal of getting their families into heaven. If you are interested in joining, just give the office a call.

I am doing Confirmations at Sacred Heart in the Boston area, Our Lady of the Rosary in Monroe, Connecticut, and St. Mary the Virgin in New Jersey. I’ll be back on Monday. Don’t forget the candlelight Fatima Rosary Procession this Friday evening, the feast of Our Lady of Fatima.

“Wars and rumors of wars.” If you’ve been paying attention, there is a great deal of talk about war lately. Here is what St. Matthew’s Gospel says: “And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that ye be not troubled. For these things must come to pass: but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be pestilences and famines and earthquakes in places. Now all these things are the beginning of sorrows.” St. Therese once said, “Confidence! It is the hand of Jesus that guides all things.” Besides, heaven has sent us the devotions we need to practice in these days—Reparation to the Sacred Heart and Fatima’s Peace Plan! We must recognize the signs, yet trust the Good God Who orders all things sweetly!

May the Holy Angels guide and protect you all!
– Bishop McGuire