Pentecost XXV

Letter from Bp. McGuire regarding upcoming episcopal consecrations by Bp. da Silva:

Bishop’s Note
St. Ambrose once said that no duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks. Last week, we spoke about silver linings and how hard it is to see them in the misfortunate events that happen in our lives. This week, the virtue of gratitude should hold a prominence in our day to day. That’s right! Gratitude for all the good things that God has given us, the “not so good things” which His Providence wisely sees fit to send us, and everything in between. We say “Gimme” to God many times each day, but how many times do we remember to say “Thank You?” There should be at least as many Thank yous as there are Gimmes, right?

St. Gertrude’s feast day reminded me of all we have to be thankful for during the years under our present roof. My sister was the last one to be married at the old church and I was the first to be ordained in the new one. Since changing locations twenty years ago, we have had eight priestly ordinations, three episcopal consecrations, countless Masses, confessions, confirmations, holy communions, and baptisms. It is amazing to think of all that goes on in the house of God where the true Faith is followed and the true sacraments are administered. Think of the number of souls to whom the gates of heaven have been opened for the first time through baptism, or reopened through confession, or the fact that God Himself lives in our tabernacle surrounded by the constant presence of angels. A true house of God is a place where souls are led to heaven.

It is good, when things get rough for you, to call to mind with the greatest gratitude all that God has given to us, in spite of our infidelities and ingratitude. Do this every day as part of your morning and evening prayers and you will find reasons for keeping a cheerful heart.

So instead of the constant and demanding gimme, let’s focus on the Thank You this week.

On another note, the Nigerian missions are buzzing with excitement. Two subdeacons became deacons on the feast of St. Gertrude while their Forty Hours Devotion began on the following day and ends today. Fr. Valerii has written a couple of nice emails expressing his gratitude for everyone’s support. Fr. Contreras sent his greetings to all for a blessed feast of St. Gertrude and I even heard from our good friend, Fr. Mardones, who also sent his regards on the feast day. Please keep all of our missions and missionaries in your prayers.

I hope you remember to come to at least one extra Mass this weekend to give thanks to God. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

– Bishop McGuire