Last Sunday after Pentecost

Letter from Bp. McGuire regarding upcoming episcopal consecrations by Bp. da Silva:

Bishop’s Note
Thanksgiving weekend is one of the few weekends in which we clergy can get a day or two of rest. The other one is the Fourth of July. Fathers Simpson and Brueggemann went to visit family for the day while Fathers Lehtoranta, McKenna, and I went to dinner somewhere downtown. I hope each one of you enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as we did!

It is easy to forget, amidst so many things happening, to keep you in the loop concerning some of the projects being done around here. Conrad Arlinghaus has been cleaning our gutters, doing odd jobs in the sacristy, and tidying up the garage in time for Advent. Thank you, Conrad!

The rectory addition project is going along. Joe Bayer is now working on getting the final blueprints ready to submit to the township/county. He hopes that we will be able to start building in the spring. Personally, I am hoping for a little sooner but I just might have to be patient. The addition includes three larger bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, two smaller rooms for guests, a kitchen, and a dining room. Our present kitchen will be turned into a laundry room. It will be good to have all the clergy under the same roof because, although we all work here, we often pass one another like ships in the night. I know I am repeating myself, but once the priests move into the rectory, the Oblates will be able to move into the convento, which would also enable us to receive more oblates in the future. We will be asking for some donations to be able to accomplish all of this. Right now, we have approximately half of what we need, if our estimations are correct. Say a prayer to the Mother of Good Counsel for the success of these necessary projects.

Work needs to be done to finish the cloister as well. I’m sure you have noticed that only half of the floor has stone and that some parts of the ceiling are damaged from the water. All these things are being tended to and will be taken care of over time. I am hoping to finish the cloister this Fall, as long as we have the help to do it. Volunteers?

Fr. Ercoli mentioned that the seminarians are doing very well. There are four of them now, and Father has received a number of other people from different countries who are interested in joining next year. Right now, the seminarians live in a house just a few minutes from the church. Some of them share rooms for now, but plans are being made to change this. I can remember sharing a room with another seminarian back in the days when Most Holy Trinity Seminary was still in Warren, Michigan. It wasn’t all that bad, especially if one remembers that before the false Council of Vatican II, seminarians often had to share rooms. One doesn’t enter the seminary for a comfortable life, but rather to study for the priesthood, to receive the discipline that a priest needs to have, and to sanctify himself.

I was just on the phone with Fr. Siordia, whom many of you probably remember. He worked here for a short time back in the mid-1990s when he was a young priest. I remember him for his piety as well as the advice that he gave me before leaving for the seminary, “Always love Our Lady.” I am very happy to be working with him again. We are planning a trip to Mexico for the early part of February to do Confirmations and to meet with all the priests there. The time cannot come soon enough for me!

Next week is the First Sunday of Advent. It is not too late to start planning out your spiritual program. How will you spend this holy season “preparing the way of the Lord?”

– Bishop McGuire