Advent II

Bishop’s Note
A full week of Advent has passed already and we only have two more full weeks left. I believe it is the shortest Advent season that we can possibly have. In fact, the fourth Sunday of Advent is actually the Vigil of Christmas this year.

St. Nicholas is visiting us today between the morning Masses. Next Sunday is the touching St. Lucy procession. Fr. Lehtoranta has been working hard with the Sodality to get ready for it. Father has an especially busy time right now as he is also teaching in the school, giving spiritual conferences to the oblates, getting ready for a trip to St. Hugh’s for Christmas, and putting the finishing touches on this year’s Ordo. The Ordo is the book which tells the priest the different feast days and is full of important liturgical details. Many of the priests are looking forward to receiving theirs because this Ordo is so much more accurate and detailed than the other ones which are put out in different countries. Father really does a lot of tireless work around here. Thank you, Father!

News reached us last week of the death of Bishop Clarence Kelly of the SSPV. This news must have come as quite a shock to many even in spite of his age. He was about 80 years old. The Fathers in Nigeria offered Requiem Masses for the repose of his soul. I know many of you have been praying for him as well. May God show mercy on this priest of God and quickly bring him to his eternal reward.

On a happier note, little Maria Brueggemann (a.k.a. Peppy) was a great help in the sacristy last weekend as she waited for her brothers to finish the project of fixing the livestream in the cry room. She wasn’t really helpful in making sacristy decisions, but did an excellent job sweeping floors and keeping up general morale. After all, morale is very important. She is welcome back anytime!

The livestream should be up and running now. I thank Paul Arlinghaus, the Brueggemann clan, and anyone else who helped with this project. Previously, the lag time between the livestream and what was actually happening at the altar was more than a minute, if my memory serves me correctly. Now it is only a lag ofa few seconds. Mothers, please use the room for nursing or if your child decides to be fussy during Mass. The vestibule is not the place for either.

We continue the Octave this week and have the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe as well. See you in church, I hope. Stay with Our Lady this week of Advent!

– Bishop McGuire