Easter Sunday

Bishop’s Note
Blessed Easter to each and every one of you! Resurrexit, sicut dixit! Alleluia!

The feast of Easter is one, not only of joy, victory, and triumph. It is a feast of Faith, for Our Lord’s Resurrection from the dead shows His divinity and as well confirms the truth of all that He taught. Since what He taught is true, then we must ask how it can be that what the Vatican II Church teaches is also true. The answer is that it is not. There is utter contradiction between what Christ and the true Catholic Church taught and what is taught in Vatican II institutions today. Unless you deny the first principles of reason, these two religions cannot both be true, since what is true in one necessarily means that what is taught in the other cannot be true. For example, Ratzinger said that there was no historical Resurrection, i.e. that it did not happen. The Gospels of the Catholic Church say that it did happen and that it is a historical event. Both cannot be true. JPII said that the Holy Ghost uses non-Catholic sects as a means of salvation, while the Catholic Church has always taught that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Both cannot be true. The only logical conclusion is that Vatican II does not teach the truths of the Catholic Church, and therefore, of Christ Himself. Christ rose from the dead to confirm the truths He taught, and the Vatican II religion denies them.

On another note, I would like to thank all who helped at church this past week. Surely, it is a labor of love, but it also shows the depth of your faith. A firm faith is productive of good works, and you have done many during the sacred Triduum.

Now that Lent is past and the glorious Easter season is here, get some rest, but do come to church for the beautifully peaceful Easter week Masses. These are some of the best of the year. We are not told to slack off now that the penitential season is over. Rather we are told, “If you be risen with Christ, mind the things that are above.” Seek Christ, look forward to your own Resurrection, and continue to solicit the help of the Angels.

Fathers Contreras and Richards, of the Company of Jesus and Mary, will be with us for a few days this week, and Fr. Lehtoranta is off to Washington, D.C. to renew some paperwork. Pat Kolb’s funeral is this Wednesday. May her dear soul rest in peace!

Stay with the Angels! Truly, they saw great things after Our Lord rose. May they teach us to appreciate these awesome mysteries.

– Bishop McGuire