Mothers’ Day – Within the Octave of the Ascension

Bishop’s Note
Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of the mothers! How precious a role a mother has in life. She cooperates with God in the role of creation and sacrifices so much to raise the children she has brought into the world in such a way that she can give them back to God for all eternity. It is a thankless task much of the time, made all the more difficult by the unfair demands of a materialistic society. The world doesn’t think much of motherhood, but the devil knows the importance of a good Catholic mother in the role of salvation and this is why motherhood is so badly attacked today. But Heaven also knows the importance of this vocation and holds it in great esteem. The greatest saint in heaven is a mother, after all! May she help you to be saintly mothers, too!

This past week was truly a prayerful week, just as Holy Mother Church intends the few days before the Ascension to be. Our prayer intentions were bundled up and then taken up to Heaven as Our Savior ascended. Have confidence that our Father will hear them!

What about those terrible storms a few days ago!? Fr. McKenna mentioned that some tornadoes occurred somewhere a little ways from Lebanon. This picture below was taken by Fr. Brueggemann during that storm (it was also the liturgical feast of the Apparition of St. Michael)! Good St. Michael is our angelic warrior, who watches over us and fights our battles. This picture is a reminder of that.

Fr. McKenna is in Dallas today, but should be home in time for the first of this year’s Fatima processions on Monday evening. Mr. McKenna temporarily moved from Florida to Dallas to help out the Dallas mission’s coordinator in one of his businesses. Mrs. McKenna was up in the Boston area taking care of her sickly mother. So, the coordinator very charitably flew Mrs. McKenna out to Dallas for Mother’s Day. Now the whole McKenna gang is in Dallas for the weekend and should have a good Mother’s Day weekend together. Deo gratias!

Fr. Brueggemann is in Seattle again for the week, but should be back on Thursday. Fr. Simpson is always gone these days. When he comes back it’s like we have a new priest around! Seriously, we do miss our priests when they are gone and are thankful for the presence of the priests who are always around! Fr. Lehtoranta continues his work in the school, which is fast approaching the end of another year.

You, our dear faithful, do so much to make St. Gertrude’s such a wonderful place. May Our Lady shower her blessings upon you and keep you close to her Son.

– Bishop McGuire