Bishop’s Note
I am not sure if this week has sped by or taken longer. You must have had weeks like this, when things are so busy that the time seems so long, and still seems so short when you think back over the events that occurred! It was such a happy week which gave us many an opportunity to gain graces, to be sure! The Mother’s Day May Crowning was such a cheering event for us. God granted the most perfect weather with the loveliest blue skies and mild temperatures, but the thing that is the most charming was the singing of all those popular hymns to Our Blessed Mother during the outdoor procession and after each Mass. Some of the little children very enthusiastically joined in, much to our edification! Our heavenly Mother was honored at church, but our earthly mothers were not forgotten either! Many a prayer was offered to God’s Mother and ours for the sake of our moms. May Our Lady always preserve them and keep them close to her heart!

Monday saw the first of the Fatima Rosary Processions for Peace, and the number of those who attended was quite impressive. Although I never got an official count it seemed to me that it was much higher than usual. Most people nowadays are not too impressed by religious processions, so it was very encouraging to see one man get out of his car and stand as Our Lady’s image passed by and Hail Marys were being said. Never count a soul as lost. God has His ways of reaching a soul. Perhaps that man’s courtesy towards Our Lady will in turn win for him the grace of conversion. After all, we do believe that Mary rewards those souls who do anything to honor her.

I forgot to mention in last week’s bulletin that May 11th was the second priestly anniversary for our own Fr. Simpson and Fr. Brueggemann, as well as Fr. Okerulu and Fr. Ojeka. It is such a pleasure to work with these priests. I don’t think God could have sent us better priests to work with than the priests He has given us (and I am most certainly including Fathers McKenna and Lehtoranta). Each one is so hardworking and each one zealously employs his own God-given talents in his work for souls. I am grateful to God for sending such men to labor for souls. I hope you are, too! Speaking of anniversaries, May 13th was Fr. McMahon’s fortieth anniversary. Do say a prayer for all these fine priests of God.

Bishop Nkamuke sent me a nice message as he was on the most dangerous road in his missionary travels. The road is a long one, and there are few to no other people on it, thus making it easy for robbers to stop any cars that pass through. Bishop Nkamuke said it all when he said, “Here, it is between God and me.” His Excellency asks prayers for his apostolate, and in particular, for a dying woman named Agnes, whom he was going to visit on this trip.

It is Pentecost today! A heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of those souls who received the Sacrament of Confirmation yesterday. Just as the Holy Ghost continues His work in the Church, so He continues His work in individual souls by giving them sanctifying grace and the Seven Gifts, and everything else that is needed to get them to heaven. Truly, He is our greatest Friend! Treat Him as one.

May the Holy Ghost guide and direct you in all your ways. Have a most blessed Pentecost week!

– Bishop McGuire