Pentecost VII

Bishop’s Note
The week of “Firsts” (First Wednesday, First Thursday, First Friday, and First Saturday) is now past, and we are gearing up for a very apostolic week with the annual YAG which begins this Friday. The YAG brings together quite a crowd of like-minded young Traditional Catholics from all over the country. This year, some are even coming from other countries. We are very careful not to accept those who belong to the SSPX, Novus Ordo, or those who do not accept the Thuc line clergy. Many might think this to be very uncharitable, unfair, and merely political. It is not. One purpose of the YAG is to foster good Catholic marriages. In order that a marriage be stable and peaceful is very important that spouses agree on matters of religion. Mixed marriages are generally frowned upon by the Church—although some of them work out, they are usually fraught with dangers to the faith of the children and are filled with many disagreements. This is, to most Catholics, very obvious. What is not obvious to many is the danger and hardship that will result from a union in which spouses do not agree on the questions that Traditional Catholics face today. This is why we only accept to the YAG young adults who are sedevacantist, accept the Thuc line clergy, and do not hold to the errors of the Feeneyites.

This Friday morning, Miss Regina Simpson will enter the Oblates of the Holy Face as a postulant. This will bring the number of sisters up to three. Our oblates are an immense blessing to our parish. Without them, much of what we do would only be done with very great difficulty. Besides their daily prayers for priests, they help with anything and everything that needs to be done. Right now, Sr. Eulalia runs the sacristy and Sr. Ulrica teaches in the school. They also do work on our website, help with work on the parish grounds, repair vestments and other linens needed for Mass, organize camps, take part in the Sodality of Charity, teach catechism, and visit the sick, among other apostolic works. As we get more oblates the goal would be to send them wherever there is a need. For instance, they would be very helpful in teaching catechism in the missions. Also, I know other priests who could use the help of oblates in their parishes. The Oblates of the Holy Face have no constitutions and so can easily adapt to the needs of any parish at any time. Many people have asked why we choose to have oblates rather than nuns. I will write something about this very soon.

The pond at the grotto was cleaned out this past week, thanks to the help of Fr. Simpson, Sr. Eulalia, and Sr. Ulrica. Catching the goldfish was no problem for Father. The sisters put them in a container of water while the pond was drained, the muck disposed of, and then clean water put back. It sure is nice to have that looking nice again. I hope the goldfish are happy now, too!

Fr. Lehtoranta was kind enough to offer to say a public Mass today, even though he is on vacation. Father has been doing some writing for the first few days of his vacation, something which he doesn’t normally have time to do during the rest of the year. He is going away to do some sightseeing this week. Fr. Brueggemann has been spending time with his family for his vacation. Fr. McKenna made it back safely from his vacation earlier in the week. I am very glad that they all seem to be enjoying themselves and are getting some well-deserved rest!

Fr. McKenna did a show about Archbp. Vigano on Catholic Family Podcast. There has been an awful lot of talk about Vigano now and many are wondering what to think. Father has some very interesting thoughts on the matter. Take a listen to his interview with Kevin Davis!

Don’t forget to join us and the “YAGsters” this Saturday morning for the Fatima Rosary Procession for Peace!

– Bishop McGuire