Pentecost XI

Note from the Bishop
We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather for last week’s Fatima Procession, which drew in a nice crowd of 106 souls. The Sodality of Charity made the event a part of their monthly gathering, then went back to the church where they prayed the last of the St. Philomena Triduum and the Litany of Our Lady. Besides all the prayers, they also polished candle followers for the altar and managed some recreational type activities as well. The Sodality has really become a great addition to all that goes on here at St. Gertrude’s.

The weather was a bit more overcast on the Assumption, but the clouds kept the temperature down as the fruits and herbs were blessed at our grotto. This year, the angels (represented by the children) almost forgot to get their flowers to bring to Our Lady’s tomb, but thankfully one of our trusty MCs reminded them of their task. Fr. Lehtoranta was the Assistant Priest for the Pontifical Mass. He reminded me that it was only his second time—the same number of times I have sung a Pontifical Mass. He did a very good job, as did all of our servers, particularly our MCs, Christopher Richesson and Michael Simpson.

Besides all of the social events and beautiful ceremonies, there have been a lot of “comings and goings” this week. Fr. McKenna got back from his vacation, a little sick and jet-lagged on top of it all. Still, he drove an hour and a half to visit Fr. Thielen. Please pray for a fast recovery for this good priest. I recollect that Father was one of the first traditional priests I met after I left the Novus Ordo and that he became good friends with me and my family. I don’t think he will ever realize the deep impact he had on us. He greatly influenced my father and was part of the reason for his conversion; he was an immense support to me in my seminary days; and still brings the sacraments to my mother. I know he has helped a great many of you as well.

Fr. Ojeka, after a rough start, made it back to Nigeria. Fr. Brueggemann called me from the airport to tell me Fr. Ojeka’s covid test was done too early and that they would not let him fly. So Father had to get another test done and then, of course, pay extra fees to change to a later flight. When Fr. Okerulu went to the airport, he was told his covid test was done too late. Nothing in the Communist-Covid era makes any sense.

Fr. Ojeka with his parents

Speaking of the Covid era, Wisconsin just made it a law that school districts which operate certain youth athletics must distribute information regarding=“risks associated with continuing to participate in a youth athletic activity after experiencing warning signs of sudden cardiac arrests” to coaches, parents, and student athletes. Nothing to see here, folks! Don’t ask any questions—just follow the science blindly. It’s become the normal thing to just ignore common sense and to follow fear instincts—the reason so many have taken the experimental vaccine and now suffer heart issues and may other worse health problems than the virus ever was.

But let’s close on a positive note. This week I am off to Seattle to give a priests’ retreat. Fr. Brueggemann will be joining Fr. Ercoli and several other priests for the event. Retreats are so necessary for priests in these days especially. There is so much traveling and hustle and bustle that it becomes important to re-center the spiritual compass at least once a year. I hope to give another priests’ retreat for the rest of our clergy early in 2023—and even one for the laypeople if there’s any interest.

In all you do this week, remember to offer all to the Good God through Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

– Bishop McGuire