Pentecost XVI

Note from the Bishop
Fall is finally here and already I can feel it in my bones. Fr. McKenna is enjoying it, but I am looking forward to next summer. Still, the Fall leaves are always such a nice scene to behold, and the feast days at this time of year are among the best.

The Saturday before last was marked the special occasion of Miss Maria Brueggemann’s Confirmation after the High Mass. Third time’s the charm! Poor little Maria was sick on the Vigil of Pentecost and missed her Confirmation day; then it was rescheduled and I got sick and was unable to do it. So, finally, it worked. Speaking of Confirmations, I will go to the “great kingdom of Effingham” as some people call it (Effingham, Illinois), where Holy Face Mission is located, after today’s morning Masses. Fr. Simpson will meet me there as I administer Confirmations to a group of parishioners there. The mission was established several years ago and has picked up a few converts from the Novus Ordo over the last couple of years. I do look forward to this trip, as I have not been there in 5 or 6 months. In two weeks, Fr. McKenna and I travel to Sacred Heart Church in Boston to do more Confirmations there. Eventually, we need to make our way to the North Dakota missions for the same purpose. The number of soldiers of Jesus Christ is greatly increasing, and it couldn’t be happening at a more important time. Crosses, struggles, and fights for the rights of God are now coming to us more often and more violently than usual; but it is the graces of Confirmation that help us to carry on in these times.

Last Sunday’s picnic was a very happy event. Thanks to all who helped coordinate it in any way. It was great seeing the children enjoying themselves so much with their games—I think they enjoyed the baby rabbits that the Arlinghauses brought. The piñata that Albert Daniel provided the candy for was quite a hoot, too!

Seminary starts tomorrow, the feast of the North American Martyrs. We have just one seminarian this year. Fr. Lehtoranta reminded me the other day at dinner of the busy October we have planned at SGG. Please remember to check the bulletins for different events.

Today we bless the children after every Mass and dedicate them to the Angels. Remember your Angel frequently during this month which is dedicated to their honor. How greatly God loves us to have as-signed to each of us an Angel all our own. May the Angels guard and guide you always!

– Bishop McGuire