Lent III

News 3/14/2023: Episcopal Consecration Announcement

The Bishop’s Note
The past week was one filled with all sorts of news ranging from the edifying to the humorous to the serious. Much like our weather it changes from day to day. God, however, never changes. He is the Changeless One, the only Being that is stable in all the universe. This is why we must always stay close and hold on to God. Only in this way can we ever hope to remain stable, always calm and meek in this so very unstable and always changing world of ours.

Sad news reached us of the recent death of Sister Mary Joseph, F.M., who entered eternity on the feast of St. Frances of Rome, March 9, 2023. She was a Religious at Roundtop, where Bp. Kelly has a convent of nuns. In her earlier years, she ran some Girl’s Camps for us. The camp in those days was at the old Schappacher farm which, I believe, sits right on the Ross County border. Fr. Lehtoranta promptly offered a Mass for Sister the very next day after her death. Please remember her in your prayers this Lent.

The Children’s Lenten Day of Recollection this past Wednesday was a success! I think there were sixty kids present, most of them younger this time around. Each of the Fathers gave one talk this year and then we balanced out the rest of the work. Mr. Lotarski found some St. Francis de Sales Stations of the Cross, so we used them. They are some of the best I have seen and are filled with such helpful meditations and prayers. My favorite part of the day was the Rosary with the kids. The little ones were not shy about answering the prayers and all I could think of was a little army of Holy Innocents joining in the prayers. It was a very sweet moment. But the children, I think, rather enjoyed the pop-up picture book about Our Lady of Guadalupe which I read to them.

The last bit of news is that a little cat seems to have adopted the Sisters! It is a cute little thing. So one evening after dinner I asked Fr. McKenna if he wanted to go see it. Well, off we went through the brisk night air to find kitty. When we arrived at the place we heard some rustling, but couldn’t make out what it was since our eyes had not yet adjusted to the dark. What was our surprise when we saw, instead of the cat, two little skunks which we had accidentally backed into a corner…never a good situation. Fearing the worst, we hightailed it out of there. Whew! That was a close one. I wonder how the cat managed that night. All I know is that the cat was still there the next day.

St. Patrick’s feast day comes later this week. You are dispensed from the fast but you must still observe the Friday abstinence. Still, it will be a festive day with a Solemn High Mass at the usual time of 11:25. I hope you will then join us for the Lenten Evening of Devotions!

As always, be assured of my prayers and especially my wishes that you profit much from your Lenten devotions in honor of St. Francis de Sales. God bless you and Mary keep you!

– Bishop McGuire