Easter V – Mother’s Day

The Bishop’s Note
Last Sunday’s Offertory piece, Terra Tremuit, was sung so magnificently by our choir that I could not help smiling as they did so. Even nature took part in it. If you remember, it was a gloomy, rainy morning. When towards the end the words “cum resurgere in judicio” were sung the thunder rumbled outside, thus adding to the affect of those words. “Bless the Lord, ye thunder and lightning.”

I am thankful to Fr. Lehtoranta and Bishop Nkamuke for preaching the last two Sundays. Both sermons were quite edifying and provided much food for thought. I must admit, though, I felt as if I had too much time on my hands on those days and am very much looking forward to getting back into the pulpit.

A funny little animal tale (or tail, as you wish) to tell you! Last Monday morning I had hoped to have a quiet Rosary walk on my way down to church to offer Holy Mass, but the Lord (and the little black cat) had other plans. So instead of praying the Rosary, the time was spent rescuing a baby rabbit from the clutches of Black Cat. After chasing them around the shed and through trees and bushes I finally managed to distract the cat enough so the tiny bunny could run away into the tall grass. Just another subtle reminder of a priest’s job to keep his flock out of the clutches of the devil “who goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.”

Bishop Nkamuke is in Seattle paying a visit to Fr. Ercoli and the Faithful there. Besides this trip and learning the different things that a bishop needs to know how to do, he has continued teaching seminarians. This time, however, he is teaching Poncho in person and the Nigerian seminarians online instead of the other way around. I hope His Excellency has been getting some well-earned rest. He returns to Nigeria next Monday, May 22nd.

Fr. Brueggemann spent this week doing sacristy work while Sister Eulalia was out. It isn’t easy fitting in sacristy work amidst all the other duties. Father teaches in the seminary and visits the sick as well. It’s a good thing he likes doing sacristy work though! Just to keep him humble, I must say the flowers were in a bad state by Wednesday. We priests are not so good at working with flowers and the church flower girl, Regina, wasn’t scheduled to do flowers for another day or two. So, thankfully, Theresa came to the rescue and ensured that there were flowers for the main altar and the May Altar! We don’t worry about anything here at St. Gertrude’s. God always works things out for us!

Fr. Lehtoranta enrolled a number of girls in the Sodality of Charity last Saturday, including some from out of state. These girls do seem to enjoy their meetings and it is always edifying to see what acts of charity they do. In their last meeting they presented a Spiritual Bouquet to our new bishop and cleaned up the flowerbeds around the outdoor Stations of the Cross.

I wish a happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and promise my prayers for you and your intentions. May our heavenly Mother wrap her mantle around you and lead you to her Son.

– Bishop McGuire