Sunday within the Octave of the Sacred Heart – Pentecost III

The Bishop’s Note
It is good to be back in West Chester with all of my spiritual family once more. Oh, it was a very pleasant and grace filled few days in Seattle with Fathers Ercoli and Romero and their parishioners, but St. Gertrude’s is the best place to be this side of heaven—you might say it is home away from Home. I am very thankful to Fr. Lehtoranta for holding down the fort last weekend and for giving First Holy Communion to the nineteen first communicants. A sweet reality of the love of the Sacred Heart for His creatures is found in events such as First Communions and Confirmations. He gives Himself to us in ways that no human mind or heart could ever imagine, and what precious graces He bestows on our souls in order to assist us on the path into eternity, to heaven, our true home.

The rain prevented both the outdoor Benediction on Sunday and the Rosary Procession on Tuesday and both were done indoors. That’s perfectly fine, for God’s Holy Will chose it to be that way. 92 souls showed up to honor Our Lady on the 13th. What a lovely showing of your true devotion to Mary. Stay with Mary always, giving everything to her. When you do that you have nothing to fear because she is our Mother and will always do what is best for us…like our earthly mothers, only so much better and more lovingly.

Remember the Oblates in your prayers today as they finish their weekend spiritual retreat. They do keep themselves very busy, so it is very important for them to have at least a few days to refresh their souls with spiritual reading, conferences, and prayer. He who has a serious prayer life can always find the strength to keep going forward and to trudge along the path of duty.

The seminary year ended just yesterday and our seminarian goes home for the summer months. There is some news about our seminary that I would like to give you. As you know, St. Gertrude’s is a very busy place where there is always something going on, whether it be devotions, or celebrations, Sodality meetings, feast days, or processions. The priests each have their own pastoral work teaching in the school, mission work throughout the country, recording shows, catechizing, visiting the sick, and counseling souls. Parish life here is a 24/7 job, and it is a challenge to keep the seminary separate from parish life. We have done a lot of praying and have had many discussions, and finally came to the conclusion that it would be best to move the seminary to a different location. This offers a more suitable environment for seminary life and at the same time allows us to put our main focus on parish life and the needs of the domestic and foreign missions. Fr. Ercoli has agreed to take on the responsibility of running the seminary in Seattle. Of course, Fathers Lehtoranta and Brueggemann will continue teaching courses online. Fr. Brueggemann will also travel out to Seattle one week per month to give Fr. Ercoli at least a little help. As of now, we will have 3 or 4 seminarians, one from Canada and three from the United States. Please offer a prayer for seminarians and for this endeavor.

This June belongs to the Sacred Heart—remember this! The devil always tries to take what belongs to God, and this month is no different in that sense. The month of the meek and humble Heart of Jesus is known in the world as “Pride Month” because the devil, who is a monster of pride (remember that he fell through this capital sin), desires to steal all that he can from the glory of God. We must make reparation this month and must repeat to Our Lord the beautiful aspiration, “The more others offend Thee, the more I will love Thee, O Sacred Heart of Jesus.” And then we must follow through on it. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus fill each and every one of you with His divine love.

– Bishop McGuire