Pentecost XI

Recent Articles By Fr. Lehtoranta, including a new article on Conditional Baptism

The Bishop’s Note
I was recollecting with Fr. McKenna just a few days ago how this year has really flown by so very quickly. The beautiful feast of Our Lady’s Assumption is fast upon us now! So many thoughts fill our minds on this feast. It is the day Our Lady finally gets rest from her life of trials and her separation from her Divine Son, the beginning of an eternity of joys and happiness unheard of this side of heaven. We ought to put aside our travails, congratulate Mary and thank God for giving her a blissful eternity. We ought to spend the day thinking of the homage that Our Lady receives in heaven, and weigh well the things of earth with the eternity of happiness that awaits us if we are faithful to Mary and to her Son’s Commandments.

Moving from the sublime to other things, I think a report on the cats is necessary. Fat Cat has recovered from his illness. He has become a loyal companion, despite being very timid around people for years. Black Cat likes to wrestle with him, but I am not sure why because I have never once seen him win a match as he is much smaller than Fat Cat…thus the name! The Sisters’ cat has made herself at home and likes to sleep up in the attic during the day. When she arrived here she was in bad shape, sick, underweight, and her fur all matted together. She has grown all of her fur back and is becoming quite plump now.

Fr. Lehtoranta recently wrote an article discussing the history of conditional baptism and the theological and sacramental principles governing the use of this baptism. Many hours of research were spent preparing this article. It is quite an interesting read. You are free to take one home with you if you wish, but do not feel obliged to do so. They are available in the vestibule and in the bookstore, free of charge. Father is in Milwaukee through the Holy Day. He doesn’t do much traveling these days because he does so much in the school, but it is a good thing for him to get out sometimes for a change of scenery. I hope he gets a little rest on his trip while he is there.

I would like to offer a hearty congratulations to Joseph Vines and Gabrielle Swinney on receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony this past Saturday, the feast of St. Clare. We have done a number of marriages this year here at St. Gertrude’s and in the missions, a thing which is most encouraging. We have seen a real uptick in the number of families attending Mass and taking part in all of the devotions which are on offer on an almost daily basis.

It has been two years since I have been able to get away, so I will be going out of town for a little while beginning this Thursday and will be “off the grid,” as they say. The other Fathers will be holding down the fort. Dan Stanislowski, our new school principal, arrives on the 21st and will be meeting with the teachers later that week. The parents can come in to meet him after the High Mass on Sunday, August 27th.

Don’t forget the Fatima Rosary Procession this evening, a good preparation for the feast of the Assumption and a good way to call down Our Lady’s help upon this fallen world of ours.

– Bishop McGuire