Pentecost XIII

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The Bishop’s Note
I heard a cute story about the Oblates’ cat the other day. Here are Sister’s own words: “Fluffy is so funny! I was in the other room and all of a sudden heard this loud, sad meowing coming from the annex doorway. When I went to investigate, there she was standing in front of some blue flowers on the floor meowing at them! When I went closer she stopped and looked a little annoyed at my disturbance then started to sniff the flowers and purr… Now she’s playing with them. She’s so silly!” The cats around this place are so entertaining. Fr. Lehtoranta tells some good stories on his Oblate website. Don’t be surprised by the name Penny. It’s the same cat as Fluffy. This is why I call her the “cat with a million names.” You can read more cat tales if you go to Father’s website:

Father mentioned that the Friday game night, put on by the Sodality of Charity, was a great success. What a surprise it was to see Poncho Capetillo, our seminarian, still here on Friday night! He was supposed to be on vacation. Instead, his flight was cancelled and there were no other flights, so he was forced to stay home. I guess Our Lord had other plans. Usually, when things like this happen, it is our Guardian Angel protecting us, but often we will only find out in eternity. The Sodality girls sewed some hand towels for the sacristy and polished some candle followers. As part of their monthly meeting, they always do some charitable work for the church or for the sick. It is a wonderful example to us all!

Fr. McKenna tells that the broken air conditioning unit was replaced this past Friday. I am most thankful that I was not home this week while it was not working since everyone has been telling me how hot it has been in the Ohio Valley. The weather in Tennessee has been a little warm, but the humidity is not nearly as bad as in Ohio…but then again, I am not a good judge because I always loved being in Florida during the summer months.

Another “Critter Story” if you don’t mind! Fr. McKenna told me this one from our Holy Face Mission in Effingham. One of the parishioners who has a sheep farm came to Mass with an opossum tucked away in his jacket pocket. He said the mother died and still had a baby opossum with it and he was afraid his dogs might get to it. So, thinking wisely that his jacket pocket would be similar to a mother opossum’s pouch, he carried it around and fed it and is taking good care of the little thing. It’s funny, I remember my father doing the same thing for a baby squirrel that fell from its nest. It would climb into my father’s t-shirt pocket and sleep. God’s creatures are so interesting.

The start of our school is just around the corner now, and you can tell it! The teachers’ meeting took place and all got to meet the new principal, Dr. Dan Stanislowski. I had some time to step back and review all that has gone on during the past year and a half and it is incredible how many changes have taken place, all of which have been so very providential. The priests are all now in their little niches where their talents can be used best in the apostolate. We took the long way around, experimenting in different roles, but in the end Bishop Dolan’s idea has proven to work out best. I did not see it then, but he had ideas that he would often hint at or mention while he was in his last months.

Fr. Simpson has become the parish M.P. (no, not the Military Police, but our Maintenance Priest) and has been getting things fixed. The gutters are the next project, before we get to finishing the other things. Of course, we are still in the midst of the figuring out the plans for the rectory addition. As you can see, there is still a lot that needs to be done around here. I am glad to have a priest who knows something about this stuff, because I don’t know much about it at all!

Well, that’s the news! It is still the month of the Immaculate Heart. Stay close to her always! She is our place of refuge. Miss Janet once looked up synonyms for the word “refuge.” Do the same sometime and you will find out why Our Lady said that her Immaculate Heart would be our refuge. It gives a fuller meaning to her statement.

– Bishop McGuire