Lent II

Bishop’s Note
Hopefully, you have been enjoying and learning a lot about this year’s Lenten theme, the Angels. I know I have been enjoying all the research that goes into putting it together. I read somewhere that many Catholics have a tendency to think of devotion to the Guardian Angels as being more fit for children than adults, let alone grown men! Parents are often good about reminding their small children to say their Guardian Angel Prayer, and this is just what they should do! However, parents, keep reminding them even into their teens and throughout their whole adult life. A lot more good could be done if only more people knew of the power of these angels, and their loving, selfless care for us, their little, accident-prone brothers. As the Holy Ghost Himself says so beautifully in the Book of Psalms (and in the liturgy all throughout Lent), “For He hath given His angels charge over thee: to keep thee in all thy ways. In their hands they shall bear thee up: lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” Love and cherish the angel to whom God has entrusted you.

The school children have quite the personalities, which makes the duty of visiting their classrooms quite a delight. Charlie McClorey is quite the enthusiastic helper. He sometimes comes down to water my shamrocks and clean my office when Judy can’t do it. For some reason, now all the kids want to see Bishop’s office! Liam Lotarski and Thomas Stanislowski have been planning a Mass at their home at some point and even gave me a list of things they need for it (their spelling could use a little work!). Liam says he is the bishop, while Thomas is quite satisfied with being a priest. If I may offer my advice, Thomas, stick to being a priest! Sr. Ulrica’s class often comes down to the sacristy to “help out,” but it often turns into a fun session with the Sisters. Christian Wright is now serving as Torchbearer and doing a wonderful job. Joseph Plucker has moved up to MC. I am very proud of our students and teachers. We have quite an enthusiastic bunch this year!

Fr. Lehtoranta took the Sodality members on a field trip to Maria Stein yesterday. The Arlinghaus girls even rented a school bus to transport everyone. I was edified that Father took a Saturday to go and see the shrine himself before taking the girls, so that he didn’t have to rely on a Novus Ordo priest or nun to give a proper tour. I am sure all were spiritually edified and had a good time! Maybe there will be more news on this next week.

There isn’t much to report on our rectory project, but it is moving along, slowly but surely. I will keep you posted as news comes in. Fr. Brueggemann and a couple of his brothers installed a camera in the back of the church to give us a better angle for the sermons. The Mass is being streamed in the back classroom on the right and does not have much lag time. So, mothers, just a reminder, if you need to nurse or your child gets too fussy, we do have a nice room set up for you.

Did you know that we have Lenten Vespers after the school Mass during the week? All are welcome. As of now, only the Sisters, three of the older school boys, and the Angels attend. Granted, the singing is horrible, but don’t let that keep you away! It is the official prayer of the Church, and is said to be an extension of the Mass. In fact, after the Mass there is not a more powerful prayer on earth than the Divine Office, of which Vespers is only a part. If you are praying for a special intention, come pray Mass and Vespers with us! If you really can’t make it, send your Angel in your stead.

May the Holy Angels give you perseverance this Lent!

– Bishop McGuire